Diablo 3 stuck on updating blizzard update agent

by  |  05-Jan-2020 11:06

Three hard crashes, two server crashes and a glitch that meant I spent the first two hours of the evening standing around starting areas for daily missions waiting in vain for them to trigger wasn't quite the return to New York I was hoping for, and I'm not alone in having trouble, with some players coming up against more serious issues than that.

Characters have been deleted on Xbox One, with hundreds of hours of progress lost, while matchmaking for Falcon Lost is plain broken.

As i see it is a part of the Install Shield Update Service that connects your software programs to their available updates.

Culd also be some kind of malware if found in folders like \system 32\.

Furthermore, while some of the larger games such as may be preserved by Wikipedia pages, smaller ones may only be remembered by dedicated mobile gaming websites such as this very site, and a number of other ones.

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