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However, while we are currently astertaining the level of interest in remote interpreting by service providers and deaf consumers, and we are consulting with other service providers on their experiences, examining international research on this type of provision and consulting the deaf community on the potential impact on quality of service for all service users and interpreter providers, it is possible to book a video interpretation with us. If you provide a service / information, and a deaf person is attending an appointment with you, you simply call our office via Skype using a webcam (assuming you have fast enough line such as ISDN, DSL or broadband) and we will interpret.

To register your interest in such a service, email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. The deaf person will see our interpreting on your PC screen.

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Telephone interpreting with video link now enables a deaf person using sign language to connect with services via webcam.

Using widely available free software such as Skype, oo Voo or other similar software telephone interpreting is now possible between people who hear and do not know sign language and deaf sign language users. Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Video Conference Interpreting (VCI) are possible using freeware (for one to one connections) such as Skype, oo Voo, and other readily available software.

Quality of image will depend on the level of traffic, broadband speeds, and the specification of the device on which you are viewing the image, computer screen, video-phone,etc.

Freeware does not meet with minimum recommended specifications for a professional service.

Webcams can also be recorded and shared, just like a video can.

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