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“I have a special power that I’ve never told you about because I didn’t want you to freak out,” was the way the Devil decided to break the silence on what had been a peaceful Sunday afternoon.I put down my Snapple and looked over at him with great trepidation.“I’m totally open to your advice, Dear Abby with the horns and pitchfork.” I snatched my Snapple off the table and took a long sip.

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For some, it’s addictive to mess around with a guy’s mind.

But as the infrequent mind tricks turn into month-long tournaments of game playing, the appeal is lost.

My guest was dressed, as always, in an impeccably tailored suit, a look that did not make one think of your typical psychic.

“Thinking that I don’t look like a mind reader because of the way I dress is horribly prejudicial, Austin,” Satan admonished me with a devilish smile just to prove that he could, in fact, read my mind. “Since I can’t read your mind, you’re going to have to tell me why what I’m thinking is so stupid,” I quipped like a snotty seven year old.

When watching "My Best Friend's Girl," it's important to keep in mind who the three leads actually are.

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