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Aged 4, Jennings was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in childhood, making her one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as gender dysphoric.

Her parents, Greg and Jeanette, decided to support her female gender identity by her fifth birthday.

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After the first wedding, everyone takes stock of their commitments: are they ready to get engaged, or should some couples take a break? Jazz goes on a date with new romantic love interest Shane.

Jimmy meets Kelli Jo's father with a specific agenda, and Chris and Missy's future is suddenly uncertain. Jack and Jacky want Jazz all to themselves and host a sleepover.

Adam and Danielle prepare themselves for Hazel's upcoming eye appointment.14 singles longing for love & marriage move into the Spouse House, a place where proposals & weddings can happen weekly! Kate reflects on past birthdays & looks ahead to having eight teenagers under one roof!

Danielle plans a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for Adam, but things don't go as planned. The sextuplets celebrate their 13th birthday outdoor style, with the girls being pampered & the boys roughing it.

With the quints hitting the 'terrible twos' the Busbys are busier than ever!

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