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Feel that feeling when we laugh when all parts of our body get relaxed and you are more open to anything that follows.

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The office relationships which usually develop because of the regular close contact are a good example of how these affairs usually come about.

No woman in her right mind would allow her partner to go out to dinner three times a week with another woman and assume that it was just a platonic relationship, so how do you determine what is a platonic relationship and whether it is OK for your partner to have such a relationship with another woman, well the answer to that would be you can never be sure.

So now that we have established that platonic friendships really does exist, it's time to move on to the other part of the topic of whether you can trust your partner to have platonic friendships with other women.

Well it really depends on who the woman in question might be to him, whether it is an old school friend, or maybe an ex sister in law, there will be different answers for different individuals.

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