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My voice was shaky and my palms sweaty as I rambled my way through that conversation.In his post on Monday, Joshua Rogers’s title said it all, “Stop Lying to Your Online Dating Matches.” His encouragement for singles to own up to the reality of their lives (including those extra two inches you claim or the adventurous persona your pictures display that hardly mirrors your daily life) underscores a deeper cry resonating in our Christian dating sub-culture: people are hungry for honesty.

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When we are desperate for attention and love, we undermine our potential by ignoring the red flags coming our way.

We tend to follow his/her words instead of his/her actions. How about if you viewed each dating experience as "practice" rather than a means to an end?

A friend with a good picture gets about 20 matches a day on Tinder, but had almost no matches before he fixed his pictures.

While pictures are still very important, profile based dating sites tend to focus more on your profile.

April 9, 2014: #19 - The Art of the Pickup (Pilot) How meet people in public places, ask them to kill things for you, and make sure they won't steal your laptop when you bring them home.

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