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Controlling your players is pretty simple: you use a virtual joystick to move them around, and two virtual buttons to pass and shoot.It may not look it, but Stickman Soccer is a good soccer game that is way more fun than the majority of titles available for Android.

Stickman Soccer is a soccer game featuring tiny straw dolls and some of the most entertaining gameplay you can get on Android, despite its childish aesthetic.

You can choose to play as one of more than thirty different national teams, including Spain, the USA, Japan, Chile, and many more.

Stickman Downhill is a two-dimensional arcade game where you control a cyclist who has to arrive safe and sound at the end of each of the more than ninety different levels that make up the game.

The game's control are very simple: use your left thumb to apply the brakes, and your right thumb to accelerate.

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