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The list could not be completed without mentioning the Gain City, the company with over 33 years of experience in providing air conditioning services.Indeed, a company that has provided these services consistently for many years is certainly a reliable company.Singapore Pte Ltd provides a compilation of properties for sale or rent in Singapore and other countries and does not carry out any estate agency work.

This can be great as you never have to run into them again, but if you are looking for “Mr Big” it’s a harder game to play.

As a Western expat, Singapore affords many modern luxuries that, on paper, are hard to turn down.

Please note that this serves as a general guide and may not apply to all Singaporeans.

Singaporeans, though modern, often hold a slightly different set of ideas when it comes to dating.

Hi-tea buffet: $6.00/pax, $7.00/pax and $8.00/pax4. BBQ Buffet: From $7.00 onwards per pax with minimum order of 40 pax Notes– 7% GST will be charged over total bill.

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