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"So far, it seems like they're really into each other." The reality stars also engaged in a little fun and flirty Twitter banter earlier this year. 's new reality series, "Famously Single" in April -- maybe she learned something from the show after all?

"I think it's amazing that you are trying to bring parachute pants back all by urself! What do you think about the "Drinking and Tweeting" star's alleged romance?

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All of these so called "hard-cover" maps I have seen can be dated with a year date that is fairly easy to find either on the map cover or on the map itself.

Collectors of Clason state road maps issued between 19 are presented with challenges around determining map publication dates.

The last day at work was followed by the last dinner at the place we liked, the last time we had a couple date with so and so, the last run, the last episode of Game of Thrones…

…and just like that those months had become weeks and, all too soon, they were days.

We spent our last night together in bed watching movies, as if our lives weren’t going to change dramatically the following day.

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