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Although the advent of electrically amplified instruments, which they also built, caused the eventual temporary demise of resophonic instruments, they are enjoying a major revival, and today are recognized as spectacular instruments in their own right.

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You answered it as if it were any other question about company policies, rather than the gross, out-of-line statement that it was. ” followed by, “I’m having trouble understanding this question as anything other than wildly inappropriate.” Followed by keeping a really close eye on him, because someone who does this is usually someone who’s going to have loads of other problems too (as you saw later that day).

I don’t blame you for that; it’s hard to have a perfect answer in the moment when you’re so taken off-guard. Frankly, it’s so wildly inappropriate and indicative of other likely problems that it also wouldn’t have been unwarranted to revisit the question of whether you’d made the right hire (had he not taken care of that for you a few hours later). I don’t want to be a reference for my lazy acquaintance I’m finding myself in between a rock and hard place.

an’t anyone with a camera take a picture, capture a moment and show what someone looks like?

At Kramer Photographers we like to take photography a step further by using portraiture to reflect an individual's personality or your family's lifestyle.

I’m the manager at a branch location of a family owned retail garden center.

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