Dating overly sensitive men exoticadultdating com

by  |  02-Nov-2019 17:43

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Dating overly sensitive men Hotchatdirect chats

Maybe that’s more about me being a Crazy Person than sensitive.

When it comes to being sensitive, it isn’t all bad. You have to take the bad with the good, and either way it becomes obvious that there are a lot of things that highly sensitive people do differently. They simply feel things more deeply than some other people.

For example, today I just saw him after 2 days of not seeing each other.

He picked me up on his way to the airport so we could grab a quick cup of coffee since he won't be back in town till the weekend.

He gets emotionally obsessed about the littlest things to the point of his attitude and reactions completely ruining a perfectly innocent, light, fun, enjoyable moment together. It's like he suddenly zaps me with a snake bite (that's how it feels when he gets reactive out of no where).

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