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The April 2012 total of 512 mm was the most ever recorded for that month, and December’s 300 mm was second only to Dec ’63.

Moreover, records in recent years show an increasing annual trend (orange line in chart). Geology The forest sits on million-year-old Late Tertiary volcanic rocks.

Friendships are formed within the QARANC and with soldiers from many regiments and corps.

The peak average rain months are April, May and November (see chart, right).

Temperatures throughout the year vary according season, cloud and sunshine, but the range is from 8° C (45° F) on a chilly August morning to 28° C (82° F) on sunny February afternoon.

Of course, the most valuable recognition comes in the form of feedback from our own students who continue to praise their CBU education for the quality of their professors, the great career prospects it provides and the low levels of debt with which they graduate.

Education at the university level extends far beyond academics.

It is measured by more than test scores, grades, and degrees; it's also measured in relationships, life lessons, and personal growth.

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