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What to Bring (Unless otherwise specified below, please do not bring stiff metal, plastic bags, DVDs or other items that will jam the shredder. More information at

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Print / Download The $650 million dollar construction project will provide jobs and revenues to the surrounding communities through routine procurement of construction and operations materials.

“This agreement goes well beyond jobs for our members; it is for the entire community.

Once the permits are approved, construction will inject hundreds of millions of dollars into local economies and generate substantial tax revenues.

This provides long-term economic benefits by creating and supporting hundreds of family-wage jobs throughout the region.

With so much money injected into the local economy providing living wage jobs and preferences for local sourcing of materials, like tools, welding supplies, electrical and plumbing supplies, steel and concrete, Millennium will help to get our local economy back on track.” In February 2012, Millennium submitted several permit applications in order to develop a world-class export facility on the Columbia River at Longview, Washington.

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