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She had done the demystifying “I’m-letting-you-get-to-know-the-real-me” trips to the Fortress of Solitude. Despite all of this, she had still decided to leave him. At one point in the evening, as I stood hunched over a pinball machine, I looked over to my side, and there was Lois Lane just standing there, watching me.

Who among these ladies would best be preferable for Superman as his lover? The thing is, when Lois and Clark are together it seems that Clark is always high alert on Lois' safety.

He fights here, fights there, save here and there but then Lois always gets in danger and Clark has to leave and save her.

Alexandra, no matter how busy she is has managed time to fall in love again. As she broke up with Jermain Defoe there were many guesses that she is not going to date any person again.

Their affair was much highlighted portion in the year 2012 and she was also happy mentioning him as her boyfriend but they lasted their relationship for short duration and ended before getting married.

Clark finally asks Lois out on a date, which she accepts after thinking about it for a while.

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