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These story strands are connected by the group’s frequent outings to Ktown bars, restaurants and clubs, where Park introduces viewers to some uniquely Korean options beyond the area’s well-known karaoke bars, including speed dating-style “booking clubs” and semi-erotic entertainment for both men and women in specialty venues mostly unknown outside the Korean-American community.

Park’s directorial approach frequently draws on music video-style flourishes, including animated explanatory titles superimposed over scenes that often lead to moments of ironic humor in contrast to the action onscreen, as well as fast-forward and rewind editing techniques that shuffle the film’s timeline.

Driven by the impending bankruptcy of Jason’s family company following an embezzlement scandal, the narrative smoothly transitions from one character’s dilemmas to another’s.

The strongest subplots involve Sunny’s difficult decisions concerning long-term care for his dementia-afflicted father and Peter’s struggle to come to terms with his unresolved anger over his dad’s recent death, as well as Jason’s efforts to save his company from ruin.

Yoon navigates the most complex storyline, ably demonstrating the conflicts inherent in assimilating traditional cultural values with contemporary social expectations.

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