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A guard or hilt protects the hand from an opposing blade.

More developed than the neighboring capitals of Phnom Penh or Vientiane, but still years away from the monorails of Bangkok or the impressive skyline of Hong Kong.

That said, getting a bird’s eye view of the sprawling city from the 53 story Bitexco Tower, Saigon’s highest building, puts everything into perspective.

Admittedly, I’m a late adopter to staycations, preferring in my youth to travel to the farthest points I could afford.

But now that I’m approaching my first anniversary of living in Vietnam, I can look back on delicious highs and frustrating lows right here in sunny Saigon. But best of all, I’ve simplified my life to the point where I have stretches of time to explore this vibrant, electric city, moving away from the initial tourist-type things to some of the lesser-known activities.

Historical one-handed versions have blades varying from 45 to 80 centimeters (18 to 31 inches) in length.

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