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Though even back then when we kissed it was only a peck...

We'd occasionally make out but that didn't happen much either...

Or perhaps is there some other definition or key idea that I am missing? As with anything, there is morally permissible foreplay, and that which is not. John Paul II [the Great]'s writings on the matter. I think the part that can be read as offensive is " The Catholic position seems to be that sex is to be between married couples, to avoid contraception and to ensure that male orgasm occurs inside his wife's vagina." That's a gross mis-characterization of the stance of the Church or the reasoning behind it.

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Would tender kissing to show affection be unchaste?

Would the same action be unchaste if it were for sheer enjoyment?

It seems from the little information I have found on it that intention, action and result are all to be considered.

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