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“I can still remember the butterflies I felt in my stomach the moment he asked me out on a date.I was excited but also terrified of how I would tell him about my food allergies.Adam: She was really cute, had a good smile, which is always important.

The specific symptoms that can result can vary considerably amongst patients from a severe anaphylactic reaction to asthma, abdominal symptoms, eczema or headaches.

More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Food Allergy -- date palm is available below.

We all know that dating involves a certain amount of tension, anxiety, and embarrassment.

You worry about your hair, your outfit, what you will talk about.

Having food allergies brings additional concerns to the table, particularly when most first dates involve food. If you are eating out, pick a cuisine that you know is generally safe for you. Call in advance to make certain the chef can accommodate your special dietary needs.

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