Dating diversions compatibility

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Horses will appear to have the same quality but they actually suffer from an inferiority complex.However, the secure, compassionate dragon can help them overcome this complex.

If your partner doesn’t show any compassion to others, it will also be an issue. Love interests will have to have their lives together for a chance to be with you.

Scorpio You’re keenly aware of what’s happening around you at all times and dislike being lied to. Your ideal partner won’t be someone who likes to sit around at home. There’s no room for the adventurous, fly by the seat of the pants type.

Taurus You’re steady and cautious and dislike disorder or feeling like you’re being rushed. Hardly a wallflower, you’ll likely be happiest with someone like Cancer.

Dating someone who likes to jump into things with both feet and throw caution to the wind won’t be ideal for you. You’re not much of an introvert and would like an extrovert.

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