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Then Jesus went down from the bosom of His mother, and stood on His feet before the dragons; and they adored Jesus, and thereafter retired.' Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew 18 ' Then the Lord Jesus calling the serpent, it presently came forth and submitted to him; to whom he said, Go and suck out all the poison which thou hast infused into that boy; So the serpent crept to the boy, and took away all its poison again.

We live in a broken world and in our brokenness we form distinctive behavioural patterns which leave us empty, devalued and insecure.

Our courses aim to tackle these issues in a safe, caring environment and bring God’s healing into people’s situations – so that the freedom of Jesus’ promises becomes reality in our lives.

Some commentators see the marriage as a cynical ploy by Burton and Hammond to get better access to ailing Manson’s supposed hidden fortune – amassed over years of selling CDs and his artwork, but inaccessible to him as a prisoner - and his body after his death.

However, he changed his story only a month later, saying his father – who had raped his mother, resulting in his birth – was planning to smuggle his sperm out of prison so he could have a baby with Burton and that he was interested in raising the child with her himself.

Craig 'Gray Wolf' Hammond allegedly got a National Enquirer cameraman in a chokehold A source inside the showcase said: ‘They appeared very close, leaning in together to look at certain rocks and minerals and sharing jokes.

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