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The topic “Why do laowai (foreigner) marry ugly Chinese girls?

”, while it sounds silly for many as we’ve often been told that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, has been talked about countless times within Asia’s cultural sphere.

In fact age 30 is precisely the right time to probably get married, even women in their forties still get married for the first time. Insisting that a girl must be a virgin It is still the norm with Chinese people that a young girl must be a virgin when she gets married, so much that girls are expected to save themselves for marriage even if they are in the dating stages of their life.

Young girls are also expected to come from good families and decent backgrounds.

Age 30 being too old for marriage Seems with Chinese people, once a woman reaches the age of 30 and is still unmarried, this is quite an issue; she is deemed as being too old.

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