Dating chinese cash coins

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The English term "cash" referring to the coin was derived from the Tamil kāsu, a South Indian monetary unit.The English word "cash", meaning "tangible currency", is an older and unrelated word from Middle French caisse.) meaning "money".

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One of the most frequently-asked, yet seldom answered, questions about Chinese coins is “How much are my Chinese coins worth?

” Rampant counterfeiting of collectible coins, the thousands of coin types circulated in ancient and modern China and the lack of a comprehensive record of Chinese coins are among the reasons why appraising Chinese coins is difficult.

In the modern era these coins are now considered to be Chinese “good luck coins” and are used by hanging these coins round the necks of children, or over the beds of sick people, and hold a place in various other superstitions, as well as Traditional Chinese medicine, and Feng shui.

Currencies based on the Chinese cash coins include the Japanese mon, Korean mun, Ryukyuan mon, and Vietnamese văn.

Generally most cash coins were made from copper or bronze alloys with iron, lead, and zinc coins occasionally appearing on a more uncommon basis throughout Chinese history, with rare silver, and gold cash coins appearing as well.

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