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The battles were over whether a television market would become an all VHF, all UHF or would be intermixed between one or two VHF stations and a number of UHF stations.

The Chicago television market was considered at the time to be an all VHF market, which would allow viewers to receive all of their local television signals from the VHF band, channels 2-13. The FCC also set up a number of all UHF markets in other areas.

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When the FCC “Freeze” was lifted in April of 1952 few knew that in many areas of the country, and especially here in central Illinois, that a war between broadcast investors and even between communities would break out.

Louis did not have enough channels allocated to give those markets VHF service to the new and fledgling ABC TV network. Louis had channel 4 and 5 allocated and was waiting for the granting of channel 11 which wouldn't take place for a number of years.

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