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Ruth meets Emily Post), and her sexy sidekick Paco, as they travel the world teaching Miss Abigail’s outrageously funny "how-to's" on dating, mating and marriage! like how to have a perfect kiss (it’s all about lip position) .

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Have you heard the term “ghosting,” which is when you’re dating someone and then all of a sudden, they stop talking to you and disappear (like a ghost).

The new trend you’ve got to be on the lookout for is called “haunting.” That’s when someone you’re not dating anymore starts liking your Facebook posts or watching your Snapchat, but doesn’t have any other contact with you (no calls, texts or emails).

Fitness is a big part of my life, so I would need to have that in common with someone who I’m dating or could potentially date. If a guy saw you out at a bar, what could he do to make a great first impression? If a guy is with his friends and he separates himself from the group and approaches me in a casual way, that’s probably best. And a date where you can include a lot of talking about shared interests. Anything sentimental and anything that’s non-technological. I think guys get very set in their ways in terms of technology—texting hello, shooting an email—but there’s nothing like a handwritten note or poem, or flowers that he hand delivers. What’s a good gift to give a woman if you’re in a new relationship? Or do something exciting, like go rock climbing if you’re both really active.

You don’t have to have 4 percent body fat by any means, and it’s not a matter of being a Greek god, but you should be strong, healthy, and confident in your body. I know you might need to do it, but when you are in the presence of a woman and you turn your head and spit on the sidewalk, it bothers me. And I love jokes, so anyone who can make me laugh and make me feel really comfortable usually attracts me the most. I think that those sorts of things, especially early on, can help build the relationship.

Oh, AND you’re sure to be laughing about love all night long – that’s the Miss Abigail guarantee! Before relocating to the ‘Burgh to study at PITT, Diego was a resident performer for theatrical technology demonstrations at the renowned 3LD Art & Technology Center in downtown Manhattan.

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