Dating a passive man

by  |  17-Sep-2019 11:38

”There is an evolutionary reason that women hate passive guys.If we visualize them in an earlier age, passive guys would not be able to defend their wives from predators, nor would they be good at hunting and providing for their families.

Not only does this orientation set up a bride for disappointment and agitation in the future; it also places enormous pressure on her husband to deliver the impossible.

Unfortunately, the man of the house was taught some misconceptions in his formative years, too.

However what usually makes things worse is that you do not realize what you are getting into until quite far into the relationship.

Since such a partner always avoids expressing what he/she is thinking and feeling inside, you usually do not have an inkling of his/her compulsions till the relationship is already toxic.

I share with you here what I tell my clients and friends.

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