Dating a browning auto 5

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I picked this one up at auction recently and it's a Belgium. Dating from 1940 I can't (shouldn't) shoot steel shot. Solid rib barrel with Cutts compensator is 25 3/4" with a near excellent bright strong bore.According to its serial number on the receiver (that matches the solid rib barrel) it was made in 1940. Factory marked (***) to indicate the choke is cylinder bore, which means it has no choke and that is somewhat unusual and makes me wonder if it is possible the Cutts comp was installed at the factory.

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Unfortunately the are not the very valuable as an early model Browning A-5, I bought mine for $225 from the local gunshop.

Good thing the replacement part are inexpensive and plentiful.

I have an A5 shotgun, and i am trying to get an estimated date on its production.

There is a serial number of 5470 engraved next to the far end of the loading gate, which according to Browning, dates it to about 1904.

Still have the two with the in the trigger guard "suicide safeties". So I'm already familiar with the recoil spring and friction ring settings.

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