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A GIS is a computer system that correlates digital maps and tables of data in a specific area (geography).Examples of table-based geographic data areas include country, state, county, city, zipcode, address, parcel identification number and street intersections.The true meaning can vary from the over simplified to the uninformed.

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Order Form - Download the Data CD order form in PDF format.

Send in the order form along with the signed disclaimer and contact information sheet with the designated payment to receive a CD with all the public layers.

Many of the decisions village staff make are influenced by some fact of local geography.

Making up-to-date and accurate geographical information available can help improve and expedite the decision making process.

Esri's Real-Time GIS continuously updates maps and databases and sends alerts to key personnel the moment a critical threshold or event happens for faster decisions and response. Real-time situational awareness saves lives and helps protect people, property, and critical resources.

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