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Send positive messages about Cyprus to everyone abroad & counter recent bad press. Send, Share and Forward Positive messages-imagine the good we can do! Main objective is the promotion and development of guitar. Shop based in Nicosia, dealing in war gaming, tradeable card games and collectables. Members are guitarists and guitar teachers from all over Cyprus.

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For the 1570 Ottoman conquest, see Ottoman–Venetian War (1570–1573).

Welcome One of the first aspects of the Cyprus culture experienced by foreigners to Cyprus is the warm welcome. ) are frequently called to locals and foreigners alike.

Cypriots are known worldwide for the genuine and sincere hospitality and friendliness. Plate smashing The smashing of plates is an old time Greek tradition which spread around many of the Greek islands including Cyprus.

Around 150,000 people (amounting to more than one quarter of the total population of Cyprus, and to one third of its Greek Cypriot population) were expelled from the occupied northern part of the island, where Greek Cypriots constituted 80% of the population.

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