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Offended countries: UK and Australia What you think it means: "Peace, man,” or “I’ll take two beers.” What it really means: The easy-going crowd in Oz may not understand your attempt to keep the peace, and it certainly won’t go over well when you’re ordering a couple of pints in the UK, because you’re basically giving them the finger.Throwing out a peace sign with your palm facing inward is asking for trouble. Offended countries: Afghanistan, Iran, and parts of Italy and Greece What you think it means: “All good!” What it really means: Unless you’re the grim reaper or Scorpion (what's with the '90s video game references?

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE (this burger is only available during Copenhagen Cooking 2017) It took a year to find the perfect potato for our new organic fries.

The process of finding the best organic burger bun recipe hasn’t been much faster – and no we are not lazy, just very thorough 🙂 Now our head chef Irene Mai Vos is finally ready to serve you the result.

In a close collaboration with the organic craftsmen at Jalm&B, she has made four new organic burger buns; Classic Sesame, Sweet American, Whole Grain and Vegan. All five of them are, like everything else we do, made with an aim to optimize your taste experience. BOOK A TABLE You can now sink your teeth into five new starters, two new burgers, a new salad, two new sauces, a bunch of cocktails and pitchers – and yes three different Happy Endings!

This is an old-fashioned word you can find in many Shakespeare plays, though cuckolding is certainly older than Shakespeare and will always exist as long as there are marriages.

Looking For Group, meanwhile, is the accompanying search tool that let's you connect with players or "clubs" that meet your specific criteria.

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