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But there’s nothing to say you’re stuck with the stock Gmail app.There are plenty of other good email apps for Android, many of which will also let you stay connected to your Microsoft Exchange account,, Yahoo Mail, or other providers.if you’re tired of checking multiple inboxes, try combining them.

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Gmail is able to sign in and retrieve mail from many pop3 services by using settings under the accounts and import tab under settings.

To avoid having to change accounts to respond to emails from other accounts, it's possible to send mail from another account from Gmail by using settings on the same page.

Once everything is consoldidated, dealing with email becomes far easier.

———-AOL to Gmail———-Over a year ago, AOL actually did something smart. This means you can actually migrate you email out of AOL pretty easy.

Gmail is the lifeblood that drives the Android experience.

Consolidating email accounts gmail

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