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After his unsuccessful visit to Ukraine to meet his “mail order bride”, Carl decided he should be the one making the rules.He wrote to his prospective fiancée that she would have to purchase tickets herself and fly to the USA if she wanted to be with him.Mark and Anna Davis have been called “One of the most famous international couples in America”.

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Unfortunately, she cannot speak English and her notes have to be translated. Phil lists on the screen pointers, typical of online dating scams, with Carl’s love interest scoring multiple ticks.

According to the eager admirer, his virtual girlfriend has been taking English lessons and intends to fly to him to the USA very soon. Why does he still believe his love is genuine and real?

, a drama based on a younger version of famed TV host Dr. Weatherly will play "the head of a company that analyzes juries to help develop defense strategies.

Phil, or Phillip Mc Graw, who will serve as an executive producer, was head of one of the most prolific trial-consulting services before he got his TV show.

He has a physicality and feral intelligence that make him magnetic to women, and a bruising candor," according to the description of the role.

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