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“He has become a sweeter, happier person through his relationship with Cheryl.” Cheryl Hines On Dating A Kennedy: “They Sometimes Can Make You Feel Lazy” The 48-year-old comedienne is hardly an obvious match for 60-year-old environmental activist Robert, but the couple, who have been involved for over two years, have more in common than it might appear.

“Robert has been desperate to move past the heartbreak,” says a Kennedy family friend.

Before getting her break in Hollywood, Hines worked as a waitress, television reporter, and telephone operator, as well as personal assistant to Rob Reiner, when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Though Reiner did not play a critical role in her career, he would watch her shows when she began acting.

They had been dating for more than two years, which included the worst part of Robert’s divorce aftermath, in which his mentally unstable ex-wife hanged herself in their former family home. Robert’s personal life was and is incredibly messy, but I guess that goes without saying for a Kennedy man.

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