senior dating and pa - Chelsea clinton dating marc mezvinsky

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After growing up in a scandal-rocked White House, Chelsea Clinton shunned the spotlight for close to a decade.

But, at 35, she is helping run the family’s $2 billion foundation while controversy swirls around its funding and her mother’s second presidential campaign.

Eaglevale Partners was started in 2011 by Mezvinsky and his partners, with their former boss, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Another is leading financier, Marc Lasry, co-founder of $13 billion hedge fund Avenue Capital, where Chelsea worked after graduating from Stanford.'I gave them money because I thought they would make me money,' Mr Lasry told The Times last year, after investing $1 million in Eaglevale and urging a relative to do the same.

Mezvinsky was long gone from his job at Goldman in October 2013 when his mother-in-law Hillary was paid to give a speech to executives at the company during a technology conference in Arizona.

In Washington DC, she attended the private school Sidwell Friends where she scored so high on her entrance exam that she was placed in an advanced math class.

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