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Passwords of affected profiles have been reset so as to restore control of the profiles to their rightful owners.Victims of the attack included technology journalist Dennis Howlett.There are two major precautions to protect twitter account. With Twitter Scams, account hacks and spam attacks happening more often than not, it seems most of us have got used to it (is there any other option for the end users ? The big question that’s knocking Twitter’s head right now might be “Is there some steady solution to the whole bunch of troubles bugging Twitter every now and then? We just hope Twitter is already working hard to get some ‘Prevention measures’ rather than just ‘Curing’ after the beans are spilled out in the middle.


If anyone was in any doubt that social networks are the new battleground for cybercriminals, then just log in to Twitter right now.

The hugely popular micro-blogging network is overrun with warnings about messages referring to a website called Stalk Daily.com, said to be spreading through compromised Twitter accounts.

Poor beseiged Twitter users were hit by a new series of attacks on Friday.

Subscribers to the popular micro-blogging site received malicious messages from compromised accounts inviting them to visit a pornographic website.

Sophos notes that the same website was recently promoted in spam messages sent through Facebook.

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