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A Round of Words in 80 Days, A Round of Words in 80 Days 2017, Challenges and Contests, Enterprise fan fiction, Life Writing, Novel Excerpts, Round Three 2017, Writers' Resources, Writing in Freedom, Writing Samples Two weeks ago, my husband learned that his employer was struggling financially.

Since he was the highest-paid employee, he would be let go, with the option to pick up some part-time work on Labor Day Weekend.

Partners: Airbus Defence & Space Gmb H (Germany) – coordinator Hanse Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst Gmb H (Germany)Control 2K Limited (UK)Certicon a.s. Amidst the noise within the drive to Industry 4.0, a strategy is forming amongst enlightened businesses.

(Czech Republic)Singular Logic (Greece)Information Catalyst for Enterprise (UK)Almende B. (Netherlands)University of Manchester (UK)ČVUT in Prague (Czech Republic)Fortiss Gmb H (Germany)COMAU S.p. As increasingly market leaders align their products to I4.0 or 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) as its becoming known in the UK, how can you separate the marketing spin from the game changing technology?

Our financial situation has been uncertain for over a year, now.

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