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TVXQ are the first non-Japanese music act to hold a concert in the Nissan Stadium, Japan's largest outdoor stadium.

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MC Kangin suggested that the girls send a surprise text saying "I love you" to their friends, and MC Sungjae was so excited for the idea that he decided to join in!

When Victoria got a response, it turned out that she'd confessed her 'love' to TVXQ's Changmin! ", and then immediately followed that up by saying, "You're busy with promotions lately, right?

Hey, it happens, especially in Hollywood and with celebs under 30. They are at different points in their life and both had been traveling.

They’ve both moved on.” Things appear amicable for the former duo.

As long as everyone is happy, I am happy." "I am currently single. I refuse to be part of press manipulation," she added a couple of hours later.

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