Cammand line for updating time

by  |  16-Oct-2019 06:44

If you are using Windows on a virtual machine, change the date and time on the host machine, not the virtual machine.

The virtual machine will get the current date and time information from the host.

Your ISP may provide a time service and this would be your closest and probably most accurate source.

cammand line for updating time-60

This will also show you the date and time of when your clock was last successfully synchronized with the name of the Internet server used.

If your PC is on a domain, then you will not have an Internet Time tab. If you like, you can type a name of an Internet time server from the list at the Microsoft link below to use instead.

The following document contains the steps on how to change the computer's date and time in each of the major operating systems, as well as through the CMOS setup.

To proceed, select your operating system from the list below and follow the instructions.

If after rebooting the computer the date and time have to be set again your CMOS battery is bad and you need to replace the CMOS battery. See our date command page for further information and examples.

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