Bsd updating ports tree

by  |  05-Dec-2019 05:46

In the future, mports will also include precompiled packages to speed up the installation process. There are a few precompiled software packages on the Midnight BSD FTP server.You can install mports during the installation of Midnight BSD.

bsd updating ports tree-72

New versions of software and additional software are added all the time.

Keeping up to date will help you maintain best security practices and possibly give you new features and functionality or bug fixes.

As Craig pointed out the officially-blessed way to deal with this is to use one machine to build "official" packages that you distribute to other hosts in your environment.

This was discussed in another question/answer on Server fault, with a few options on how to go about implementing it in your environment.

The CVSup service is being phased out as of February 28, 2013, and further use is discouraged.

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