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After playing in a backup band he signed with Decca as a solo singer. On 8/06/1964 he made a TV debut on "The Beat Boom" with the "Hoochie Goochie Men." Going through several other bands, he released another solo single in November 1965, also appearing in a TV documentary, "Rod the Mod." The bands kept shifting and the faces changing over the next few years as Stewart accumulated credits and experience. Through the '70s his name became increasingly familiar along with his gravel voice, lawn-mower haircut and lean shape, until he was uncontestably a rock superstar by 1976. S., conveniently sidestepping a million-dollar tax bill in the UK. In an unfortunate display of rock-concert mania, 450 fans were injured trying to rush the stage at a concert in Monterey, CA on 8 April 1989.In 1970 his "Gasoline Alley" began climbing up the charts, and he started a 28-date U. On 3 June 1989 he cancelled a gig because of voice problems, but resumed his schedule a few weeks later.

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He made a habit of selectively canceling engagements whenever he had a bad throat.

A soccer fan, his habit of kicking soccer balls into the audience rebounded several times.

As a youth he bummed around Europe and around home in London as a hippie. In 1978 he met Alana Hamilton; they married on 6 April 1979 and had two kids, Kimberly in 1979 and Sean in 1980. In May 1989 she applied for an increase in alimony.

He joined an R'n'B band as a vocalist and harmonica player in 1963, playing gigs throughout England. On 26 April 1982, he was mugged in Los Angeles while standing next to his car.

y sundown the 55,000 people packed into the Los Angeles Angels' Anaheim Stadium for this "sunshine festival" have stolidly endured six hours of a rather warm day, karmically dubious hot dogs and runny Cokes.

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