Binford pipe stem dating

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Although an object may have a known manufacturing date, this does not mean that the object was used when it was made. A hand-me-down set of dishes you inherited when you went to college?A known manufacturing date tells us that the site cannot be older than the object, but that doesn’t mean that the site is not a lot younger. The presence of these things can throw off the mean ceramic date. In an ideal world, every deposit would contain a dated penny.Tobacco was introduced in England in the 1570s and was commonplace by the early 1700s.

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The University of Michigan's architectural engineering program required students to complete an internship or architecture-related research project.

To meet this requirement, Harrington spent the summer of 1923 with the School for American Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico, creating measured plan drawings of Spanish mission churches.

This led Harrington's family to relocate to a series of small Michigan towns, including Scottville, Ypsilanti, Vasser, and Albion, during his youth.

Named "Most Likely to Keep Busy" by his high school annual, Harrington, following his graduation, completed a two-year pre-engineering program at Albion College while working a series of jobs.

Sadly, the majority of artifacts are not stamped with their date of manufacture.

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