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Baker also tweeted the following after the show: Thankful for everyone at last night's show for proving music's ability to comfort and heal, for showing solidarity in commitment to hope Oq Uds YK — Julien Baker (@julienrbaker) January 21, 2017 Tour dates: 02/17 – Davenport, IA @ GAS Feed & Seed Fest 02/18 – Champaign, IL @ The Accord # 04/22-23 – N.

It’s always been something he’s done in straightforward terms, too; whether it was their early records, where he liked to shroud things in metaphor, or their more recent efforts, on which he’s openly cited Randy Newman as an influence, heartbreak’s been the name of the game nine times out of ten.’s multiple songwriters were always a bit coyer, which is probably why they wouldn’t quite chime with the public’s vision of Gibbard’s formative years, where you’d imagine him knee-deep in the undisguised emotion of , though, is apparently his favourite record by his favourite band, which isn’t to say that the thinks it’s their best; it’s just that it’s what he heard of theirs first, and what made the biggest impression on him.

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I was reading at Kafein, a local late-night coffeehouse that unfortunately turns into a hub for cringe-worthy performers every Monday night — the much feared and often forgotten Open Mic Night.

Predictably, there’s the hoody-clad comedian who can only recite jokes about genitalia, the English-Theater double major slam poet, and the sensitive future engineer who has a knack for 1-5-6-4 chord progressions to accompany lyrics about heartbreak. As he approaches the hemp rug that designates the performance area, I happen to look up from my extra foam soy cappuccino.

Breaking away from a band and performing solo is always a risk.

If executed poorly, it can expose a songwriter’s weaknesses and highlight the necessity of their bandmates.

I brush back my overgrown bangs and hope to once again share eye contact with the gangly, longhaired crooner. I hate cappuccinos and I am not Zooey Deschanel, thank god.

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