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His brother is a catfish named Oscar and his friend is a goldfish named Bea. Personality: Loud, energetic, lazy, cheerful, kind, friendly, adolescent, adventurous, poised, stubborn, short-tempered, shy, sweet, optismitic, polite, cute, funny, brave, flustered Appearance: Short, slender, aqua skin with blue-green polka dots, blue-white undertones, round cheeks, orange lips, blue mohawk hair, blue striped bodysuit, dark green flippers and fins, blue dimples, usually seen with a smiling face The detourtagonist and the nervous and neuteral brother of cute and sweet Milo.

Sometimes it all comes rushing back even when it's not welcome. I can't fault him for something I am currently experiencing, even if I'm not the one with someone else.

You can't help what you feel but you can help what you do about it. Everyone flipping balls over not cheating and all that, cool it. I was in a relationship with an awesome guy, he broke my heart, we stopped talking for a long time, I moved on, dated another guy.

And she If you knw Justin Bieber PLZ tell him to come to 11097 west mesquite drive Boise Idaho. So if you Know Justin Biebers location plz have him call Syndal at (208)-608-5885. :( if we don't find him i will lose my BFFL soon...soon...soon.

If he needs to talk to me first plz have him call me at (208)-362-5351 to confirm. :*(At this point I can completely identify with this song.

If you fall into the latter category then you'll always be on the look out for statement heels to add to your ever growing collection.

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