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Anthony Joshua is on an unstoppable quest to be the most dominating boxer on the planet.Britain's heavyweight powerhouse took his professional record to a perfect 15 wins, 15 KOs with a win over British rival Dillian Whyte at the O2 Arena.To a time when the "Big Three" of American sports were baseball, boxing and horse racing and we had all three!

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Due to the initial excitement surrounding the game, the Farragut Boat Club decided to officially devise their own set of rules, and the game quickly leaked to outsiders in Chicago and, eventually, throughout the rest of the Midwestern U. As the history of softball shaped itself over the next decade, the game went under the guise of “indoor baseball,” “kitten baseball,” “diamond ball,” “mush ball,” and “pumpkin ball.” In 1926, Walter Hakanson coined the term “softball” while representing the YMCA at a National Recreation Congress meeting, and by 1930, the term stuck as the sport’s official name.

In 1934, the Joint Rules Committee on Softball collaborated to create a set of standardized rules.

Listed below are the top upcoming sporting events with links to teams and venues for more information.

When it comes to the best in competitive sports you're likely to find something exciting going on during your stay here in New Orleans.

Early in the 16th century, English public houses are showing interest in bowls and real tennis, as well as dice and cards, all of which the government tries to eliminate forcefully.

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