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He became harder to trust, and acknowledged his shift toward negative personality traits, feeling incensed and fearful at what he was changing into.

However, after resolving his morality crisis, he started to show his lighter side more clearly and started to show the more positive traits of his character, until Clara's death caused him to return to his more cynical nature.

Often this is associated with childhood abuse, such as sadism, incest and like which deeply affect a child personality.

In turn, children of borderliners suffer greatly too from the intense, unpredictable, and volatile relationship with their mother.

There are also "borderline" in a sense that they can easily break or balance on boundaries, that few people dare to cross. Colloquially (especially in high school environment) they are called "drama queens".

For all practical purposes this the category (adding strong intellect) strongly overlaps with Female Sociopaths.

After having his memory of her removed, however, the Doctor's jovial side mixed into his cynical nature to form a stable personality.

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