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Sara Clement heading into adulthood, grasping at the idea of gender identity and sexuality all the while bearing the struggles of an aspiring college student. Sara strove to deliver her feelings through metaphors, her love through images, her emotions through melodies; meanwhile Tegan was the braver one - her words honest, her emotions clear, her feelings never hidden. AKA The novel the girls and Emy always imagined The Con to be.

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In November 2011, it was revealed that Tegan and Sara were writing new material for their seventh studio album.

Tegan said that "(we) are back in our home studios working away at more songs.

We turned 30 at the end of that album and we had officially been in the industry making music professionally for a decade. We went through numbers: 'How much do we want to sell? ' We took all that information and said to ourselves, 'OK, we can't make another record that sounds like what people expect from Tegan and Sara.

This is the time to say, 'What is Tegan and Sara now? We can make a record that maybe marries what we've done with the band in the past and then work with a producer who is going to help us embellish and sort of amp up the sound a bit.' I honestly didn't know what to expect from this process.

I’ve been a Tegan and Sara fan since mid-last year, when I discovered them: So I’m not a long-time fan, as many are.

Are sara quin and emy storey dating

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