Are rachel truehart and michael still dating

by  |  21-Dec-2019 07:20

Really the big news was just how normal and boring these couples all are.

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Immediately after getting the boot from the show he got back together with Emily and is now moving closer to her or vice versa.

Our insider (and we really do love an insider because we are a tiny blog without AOL resources or NSA wiretaps to rely on) Stephie C.

Here are our updates from Stephie C on Twitter: Stephie C78 am via Web @tisasituation Correction: Her real name is Emily Tuchscherer. We love it when people “weigh in” with insider info.

We also found her Linked In profile, which shows the same photo as the Twitter account for @emilytuch.

The comment speaks for itself indicating Michael and Emily hooked up right before the Pad began. Also, we’re not quite sure what Stephie C’s connection is with either party, but you can find her on Twitter at @Stephie C78.) “His girlfriend is Emily Cahill who goes by @emilytuch on Twitter.

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