Anderson dating kanye pamela west

by  |  12-Nov-2019 20:26

Come on Brucey, do you honestly think you have any say over Kim’s life?

You’re a blissfully ignorant Kardashian Squarepants who needs to find a freaking pineapple under the sea and stay there. Perhaps you should have attempted to stop Kim as she stormed out of your house?

Anderson has become a regular at the embassy in recent months after deciding to campaign on behalf of men falsely accused of rape, but her frequent visits have sparked speculation she and Assange are more than just friends.

The former Baywatch beauty was questioned about the nature of their relationship during a recent chat on a Swedish TV show, when she played coy about the claims.

Oh, we’re sorry; we completely forgot that you have been living under a rock ever since your once-off record win at the Olympics, back when Eartha Kitt still vibrated on a treadmill.

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