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It is rare that a weakness in the "millions of years" dating of earth materials is ever mentioned in standard earth science publications.

The specific evolutionary history of anatomically modern humans (AMHs) and their regional variation throughout the course of the Pleistocene form two major areas of paleoanthropological research, particularly in poorly documented regions (1).

when I use the two rules I always see results and I see how every deviation from the two rules screws me over.

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Consequently, many men end up investing a significant amount of time, effort, and money pursuing the romantic or sexual companionship of women who have no desire other than to ‘use’ men for their own self-serving objectives.

Very few men who are primarily interested in engaging in Relationship Type B with a woman have the bold courage to communicate their sexual desires, interests, and intentions to women in an upfront, specific, straightforwardly honest manner.

Fun Clubbing represents anytime a man is really interested in Relationship Type B or Type C, but he indefinitely gives women the very misleading impression that he is totally content with remaining in a Relationship Type A with women.

At some point in the near or distant future, these men are going to attempt to make some sort of sexual advance on one or more of their ‘female friends,’ and animosity and drama is going to surely ensue.

So far I have learned a completely different way of looking at my life. He has an assignment that makes you think of yourself as good, decent, worthy. Once the fears were gone, I had the success I wanted.

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