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She's not shy about anything, really, despite saying, in her chapter on divorce, that she doesn't "like people knowing my shit." While there's little info on her split with Will Arnett, there are entire chapters dedicated to sex ("I love it and I am here to say I am good at it") and drugs ("I can't perform, drive, or write stoned, and therefore I smoke pot a lot less than I used to"). Meyers contributes a lovely chapter about the night Amy first gave birth. ("my dear friend and relationship sponsor") pops up frequently, often with timely wisdom. Amy calls her current nanny her "wife," and openly praises the three women who’ve helped take care of Archie and Abel, Poehler's sons with Arnett.

She also says a few brief, sweet things about her new partner, Nick Kroll. Fey ("my life partner") gets her own chapter and an acrostic poem. And Schur, the co-creator of s loose atmosphere is legendary, but Forte sounds like he really ran with it. "They are wonderful teachers and caretakers and my children's lives are richer because they are part of our family," Poehler writes. Eileen and Bill Poehler get much more than a token mention in Their supportive, stable presence pervades the entire book, including a section where they each contribute a written reflection on their daughter's birth.

The site launched in May and has about 37,500 active users.

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During her period on "SNL" until 2008, Poehler has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress Primetime Emmy Awards for two times.

Count Amy Poehler among the Daniel Day-Lewis fan not ready to accept his retirement.

Born in Newton, Massachusetts, Amy Poehler moved to Chicago to further her studies of improv.

She later on joined the improvisational comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade alongside Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh.

He writes naked at his desk, he smacks a long-awaited late-night dinner out of a colleague's hands as soon as it's delivered, and he and Amy doodle penises throughout a sexual harassment presentation. She also says her secret to being so productive is being a "bad sleeper" from babyhood straight through age 43 — a concept that gets its own chapter. In a chapter called "Parents Just Do Understand," we get long lists of the many life lessons Amy learned from each one of them.

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