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The family accused an assistant principal at Harriton High School of watching their son through his laptop's webcam while he was at home and unaware he was being watched.

The family also says the school official used a photo taken on a laptop as the basis for disciplining the student.

That problem was waved off as a technical glitch by the school’s security and technology department.

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(CBC) Canada's privacy commissioner will once again press companies that make security cameras to strengthen privacy on their devices so users don't unwittingly stream personal images on the internet.

"We are actually going to be sending letters and reaching out the manufacturers in the very near future," said Jennifer Rees-Jones, a senior advisor at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

The office wants all manufacturers to make devices that require users to change the default password when they plug the surveillance camera in.

It also said the boxes the cameras come in should have strongly worded warnings about the privacy risks if the device is not secure.

The law enforcement official with knowledge of the case told CNN that the FBI will try to determine whether federal wiretap or computer intrusion laws were violated. In a lawsuit seeking class-action status filed Wednesday in U. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Michael and Holly Robbins of Penn Valley are suing the school district, its board of directors, and the superintendent.

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